Do We Ever Have Control Over Our Decisions?


This morning (Sunday) I woke up. Had a coffee. Read. And went to church for the first time in ages (more on that in another post). One would think that I had control over each of these decisions, but did I?

How do we choose to do anything we do? What influences our ‘conscious’ decisions?


Despite how theoretical physicists and philosophers may define consciousness, I’m working through my own understanding. I have a hard time articulating consciousness in my own mind, so I apologize if my explanation doesn’t do the insight justice.

Let’s start with what we do know. We know that no two people are alike. Among the seven billion people walking the planet, each of us is unique in every way. Mentally, emotionally, and physically. This uniqueness is a function of our genetics, our environment, and every single event in our lives.  It’s what provides the foundation for the diverse perspectives we all possess. It also means that each one of us has a different set of conditions upon which our decisions are based. I call this set of conditions our consciousness.

If our consciousness is a function of our events, genetics, and environment, AND if our consciousness is the basis for all our decisions, then do we have control (in that moment) over our decisions?

Even if we make goals and objectives for the future, it is our consciousness (defined by our past) that is making the decision to influence our future. Any goals we set are simply decisions based on the culmination of every event in our lives before that exact moment.

Why not just put up our hands and say f*ck it?!

The logical question then becomes, how do we affect the outcome of our lives if our consciousness determines our decisions? Is there an alternative to being a slave to our past?

I believe there is. We can embrace opportunities to evolve. Opportunities to proactively affect the conditions that shape our consciousness going forward. Conditions that are better aligned with who we are, our true self, our purpose. I consider these opportunities ‘step-changes’ in our consciousness.

These opportunities present themselves in moments. Moments of insight brought on by a conversation, an event, a book, or a friend’s positive energy. These moments raise our vibration, elevate our consciousness, and propel us closer to our purpose.

How do we put ourselves in positions to have these ‘moments’?

Try to visualize or grade the frequency at which you’re vibrating. If it makes it easier, think of it on a scale of 1-10, with a 10 being pure love – think Dalai Lama. Now liken this frequency to your physical voice. There is a distance at which your voice will be heard. The louder your voice, the further it travels, the greater its impact.

The frequency at which you’re vibrating behaves in a similar fashion. As your frequency rises, your energy is amplified, increasing your impact on the people around you.

Step-changes in our consciousness put us in positions to resonate at a higher frequency. As we begin to raise our vibration, we start connecting with people on similar paths of enlightenment. Since each person has their own unique journey – full of unique experiences, unique genetics, and unique perspectives – this exchange of energy will further raise the collective frequency. This repeats, over and over, as you connect with more and more positive people.

Belief In Something More

To motivate us to seek out these opportunities to evolve (moments), we need to believe that there is something more to our lives, a higher purpose.

The alternative to believing in a higher purpose is the false belief that we have control over our decisions (in the moment), or accepting that our lives are a complete game of chance. In fact, the biggest impediment to us believing in a higher purpose is this mistaken belief that we have control over our decisions (in the moment), when indeed we don’t.

To align with our purpose, we need to believe in this higher purpose, and respect the moments that can create positive step-changes in our consciousness. Even something as simple as reading this post may spawn reflection. Maybe the simple realization that we need to seek out these events to expand our consciousness will be that shift in consciousness that we’re looking for.

When you become more aware. When you decide to take this journey of self-discovery, you’ll notice that these moments will present themselves more often. It could be an impactful book, a podcast, or a conversation with a wise friend. Before long you’ll be on an exciting path of curiosity and conscious evolution.

A perfect example of this premise in motion happened this morning. I coincidentally received the following quote from Abraham Hicks publications, “Not only does the thought you are choosing right now attract the next thought and the next . . . and so on—it also provides the basis of your alignment with your Inner Being. As you consistently and deliberately think and speak more of what you do want and less of what you do not want, you will find yourself more often in alignment with the pure, positive essence of your own Source and under those conditions, your life will be extremely pleasing to you.”

This quote aptly articulates the point I’m trying to prove. The conscious effort to seek out opportunities to raise our vibration is key to condition our mind to work in our best interests going forward.

Although raising our vibration is key to our continued evolution, as Walsch eloquently states, it isn’t always comfortable. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Sometimes discomfort is simply a reminder that you’re alive, further adding credence to the journey of self-discovery.

Now The Good News

I leave you with this. Maybe this post will prompt you to learn about and connect with who you are at your core. Maybe this post will result in a step-change in your consciousness. Admittedly, this is my intention.

Be empowered by the fact that you may not have explicit control over every decision you make, but you can hack the system. You can begin to precondition your future decisions by seeking out opportunities to experience step-changes in consciousness, today. Today, you can choose to search further, to lean forward, and to unabashedly search out these moments to find your SuperHuman.

“If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you’ll be unhappy for the rest of your life… A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be at ultimate peace with himself” – Abraham Maslow


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