What Do We Believe?

‘Ikkuma believes that every organization can energize their culture by authentically helping employees get healthier and happier. Ikkuma strives to work with organizations who aspire to make preventative well-being part of their culture. Through our Ikkuma Life platform, we provide companies both the tools and the expertise needed to design an optimal well-being strategy for their people. As no one-shoe-fits-all, it is Ikkuma’s mission to be agile, responsive, and engaged in our clients’ success.

The Ikkuma Story

Ikkuma – Inuit for ‘fire’ – was born from a cancer diagnosis, a Sunday afternoon meditation, and a drive for a career change.It was late fall when doctor’s diagnosed Brad, a dear friend of Ikkuma co-founder Gary LeBlanc, with stage 4 lymphoma. He was 42.

Gary drew on his love for his friend and his passion for holistic health, and got involved.In a deep meditation, Brian Coones – Ikkuma co-founder – had the idea to build a company around holistic health. He pitched the idea to Gary – a corporate vice-president at the time. Ikkuma was born 4 short weeks later.

Brad succumbed to the illness. But from that, Ikkuma’s belief became clear. Starting with a book and evolving into a gamified wellness platform, Ikkuma has stuck to this belief. Everyone deserves to live to their full potential – the ‘best’ version of themselves. Ikkuma has made it their mission to help people find it!




Gary LeBlanc – CEO

I believe we each have a beautiful and unique gift… our SuperHuman. You can think of it as your purpose in life. My mission is to help as many people as possible align their mind, body, and soul to find this gift and express it to the world.

Brian Coones – CTO

We can all grow well beyond our limiting beliefs. My mission is to explore the field of limitless possibilities of mind and body and break barriers through experience and sharing with others.

Sarah Aronsberg – Director of Strategy & Ops

My goal is to change perspectives on well-being; have everyone recognize that the opportunity for a healthy lifestyle is acheivable, simple and doesnt have to be daunting. My mission: elevate everyone to succeed in a healthy routine that matches their lifestyle.

Dan headshot

Daniel Janetos – Director of BD

My mission is to improve the lives of others physically, intellectually and spiritually as an on-going enjoyable challenge.

Kyra headshot

Kyra Mackenzie – BD Associate

I believe everyone should have the ability to live their healthiest life. Healthy living should not be a privilege, it should be a right. It’s so easy to get lost in the trap of an unhealthy lifestyle; my mission is to educate companies on how they can connect to a healthier version of themselves.

Dr. Deltcho Valtchanov – Game Developer

Stress is a silent killer and it comes from multiple sources in our lives. My mission is to help people conquer their stress so they can find happiness and long-term well being.

Mark Hurst headshot

Mark Hurst – Backend Developer

Anything I can do which helps inspire someone to get healthy and get outdoors is fine by me. Working on Ikkuma allows me to apply technical skills in a sector I’m passionate about.

Andres Ospina – UI / UX Developer

I believe the power and potential of the human beings are limitless. My goal as a coach is to provide opportunities for humans to try what seems impossible, and my reward is to see them achieving incredible things.


(alphabetical order)

Scott Bonham

(Co-Founder GGV Capital)


Tom Chan

(Managing Director of Hawk Capital and Founding Partner at Chan & Keenan)


Beth Corcoran

(Managing Director of Corcoran Consulting)


Peter Kieltyka

(Co-Founder of Pressly)


Dr. Bob MacKalski

(McGill University Branding Professor)

Dmitri Mikhnevitch

(Sr. Software Engineer)


Jesse Moenifiair

(CEO of Viafoura)


Dr. Neil Randall

(Director of the Games Institute at the University of Waterloo)


Val-U Solutions

Angelo DiSpirito

Angelo DiSpirito III

(Founder & CEO)

Peak Management Solutions

Julie Richer

Julie Richer

(Workplace Wellness Consultant)