What Do We Believe?

‘Ikkuma believes that every organization can energize their culture by authentically helping employees get healthier and happier. Ikkuma strives to work with organizations who aspire to make preventative well-being part of their culture.Through our Ikkuma Life platform, we provide companies both the tools and the expertise needed to design an optimal well-being strategy for their people. As no one-shoe-fits-all, it is Ikkuma’s mission to be agile, responsive, and engaged in our clients’ success

The Ikkuma Story

Ikkuma – Inuit for ‘fire’ – was born from a cancer diagnosis, a Sunday afternoon meditation, and a drive for a career change.It was late fall when doctor’s diagnosed Brad, a dear friend of Ikkuma co-founder Gary LeBlanc, with stage 4 lymphoma. He was 42.

Gary drew on his love for his friend and his passion for holistic health, and got involved.In a deep meditation, Brian Coones – Ikkuma co-founder – had the idea to build a company around holistic health. He pitched the idea to Gary – a corporate vice-president at the time. Ikkuma was born 4 short weeks later.

Brad succumbed to the illness. But from that, Ikkuma’s belief became clear. Starting with a book and evolving into a gamified wellness platform, Ikkuma has stuck to this belief. Everyone deserves to live to their full potential – the ‘best’ version of themselves. Ikkuma has made it their mission to help people find it!



Gary LeBlanc – CEO

Gary LeBlanc – CEO and Co-Founder of Ikkuma – spent over a dozen years managing strategic operations for tier 1 companies. He’s now following his passion – to improve a generation’s wellness. Between dreaming about superHumans, making awesome smoothies and researching, Gary  FaceTime’s his beyond-cool niece and nephew.

Brian Coones – CTO

Brian Coones is the Co-Founder and CTO for Ikkuma. Brian is serial entrepreneur, with previous successful ventures in consumer products sold throughout the world. Known as the Boxing Buddha, Brian epitomizes the balance of strength and mindfulness.

Sarah Aronsberg – Director of Strategy & Ops

Sarah’s been in the corporate wellness field for seven years. She knows first-hand that healthy can be accessible, simple and fun and wants to continue to create products that will achieve this goal. Outside of the office, she likes to live and breathe this mentality – you can often find her and her husband testing different gyms around the city, or she might be outpromoting Lorna Jane, as one of their brand ambassadors.

Kyra headshot

Kyra Mackenzie – BD Associate

Kyra is an Honours Psychology graduate from Western University. She is extremely passionate about helping others live their healthiest and happiest lives. Working hard, striving for success and having fun while doing it is a strong belief she lives by everyday. Kyra is a tea fanatic who loves to dance, go to the gym, and spend time with friends and family. You might also find her buzzing around Toronto, as one of Bumble’s Brand Ambassadors.

Dmitri Mikhnevitch – Sr. Software Engineer

Dmitri is the master of systems integration, who keeps our infrastructure in check. There is no back-end development challenge that Dmitri can’t solve. As personable as he is competent, Dmitri is an inspirational part of the team. His new challenge involves raising his brand new son!

Dr. Deltcho Valtchanov – Game Developer

Dr. Deltcho Valtchanov is a researcher at the University of Waterloo’s Games Institute. He specializes in cognitive neuroscience and human-computer interaction. In reality, he is the closest thing to a superhero there is, applying gamification principles to psychologically motivate individuals. Did we mention he likes gaming?

Andres Ospina – UI / UX Developer

Andres Ospina is Ikkuma’s talented lead for overall User Experience (UX). Having successfully developed the UX for several high profile projects, Andres specializes in emotionally balanced platforms for the user to enjoy. A pillar for his family and community, Andres brings his passion to all aspects of his life.

Andrea Sarjeant – Researcher

Andrea Sarjeant is Ikkuma’s nutritional guru.  Both a holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher, she’s the proud creator of healthydelicious.ca. Passionate about helping people live their best life, she believes in the art and science of nutrition – using kitchen alchemy, and the magic of herbs to help people achieve health bliss.

Amy Ballantine – Lead Designer

Amy Ballantine is the master of all things graphical! She’s the perfect mix of professional and creative, taking abstract visions and spinning them into pure magic. A proud new mother, Amy uses her craft to find time to breathe.

Igor Borysov – Systems Integrator

Igor Borysov supports Ikkuma’s IT infrastructure. He has extensive experience leading operations for Technology, Business Development and Application Development, within a diverse range of industries. As he puts it, ‘I sit upstairs…’, keeping watch over technical opportunities. Also a very new daddy, sleep is hot commodity.


(alphabetical order)

Scott Bonham

(Co-Founder GGV Capital)


Beth Corcoran

(Managing Director of Corcoran Consulting)


Peter Kieltyka

(Co-Founder of Pressly)


Dr. Bob MacKalski

(McGill University Branding Professor)

Julie McClure

(Strategy & Business Development Consultant and Entrepreneur)


Jesse Moenifiair

(CEO of Viafoura)


Dr. Neil Randall

(Director of the Games Institute at the University of Waterloo)

Dr. Angelina Riopel

(Owner of Innate Wellness)

Dr. Angelina Yee

(Family Doctor)