What people are saying…

"On this windy Sunday my nose is stuck in your book! I love it!!!! Hard to put it down, inspiring me to clean out my fridge. Can't wait to try your smoothly recipe!"

− C Park

"Gary, so proud of you and your book! I am blessed that I was visiting Ben, and had the pleasure to meet the one and only inspiration for your book! Congratulations to you..."

− D Law

"I believe we meet certain people for a reason. Listen to your passion last year has really stuck with me, so thanks for everything you have already given to better my life."

− S Henderson

"I really have to change our food habits at home for our 3 girls. Although we thought we were in the 'good' category, I now think we are in the 'better improve' category. It's ironic - I grew up on a small hobby farm and we raised and grew everything ourselves - I mean everything. Basically we were a very healthy eating family - need to do this with my own family. Too easy to use convenient foods."

− J Bloeman

"Gary LeBlanc is truly motivating and inspiring in his recent book, Ikkuma Evolution of Vitality, containing a wealth of must-have knowledge for living a longer and healthier life. Gary’s passion and his straight forward approach to health and life makes an impact, with many ‘eye-opening’ moments! Gary clearly shows us that, 'What you don’t know (about your health), will hurt you!'"

− W Clawsey

"Even better than the last blog that I said was the best blog ever!!"

− T MacDonald

"Finally had a chance to read your book while lying on the beach last week. LOVED it!! Great work, lots of interesting facts and a few shockers. My girlfriends were eagerly waiting for me to read parts aloud daily. Congrats."

− C Pella

"Hey Gary! Hope your well. Just wanted to let you know i finished your book and loved it! My parents bought their copy and my brothers copy is on its way. It was my downtime in flight book so lots of flight attendants looked at it and are going out to buy it! I'll be waiting for volume 2 :)"

− K Dutil



The Tough-Love Guide To Feeling Younger & Living Longer

What does everyone wish they could have at the snap of their fingers? The ability to feel younger and live longer. The sad reality is that we are witnessing obesity and disease at their highest rates in history, despite 24-hour access to a seemingly infinite library of health advice. So what’s broken?

The general public sees achieving vitality as a mystery and out of their grasp. Compound this with the predatory advertising of multinational food companies and their marketing machines, and you get the state of emergency we are presently facing. So what’s the answer? How do we battle the multi-billion dollar coffers of these food giants?

Ikkuma: Evolution of Vitality is a call-to-action, empowering people and igniting a desire for them to regain control of their health. Gone are the 50 page chapters filled with confusing concepts. Ikkuma breaks through all the rhetoric and delivers easy to follow instructions on how you can be at your physical and mental best – naturally, without gimmicks.

The Authors

Gary LeBlanc

Hailing from a small town in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Gary LeBlanc is co-founder of the company Ikkuma Inc. – specializing in holistically oriented consumer products. Gary is also a Certified Coach Practitioner (Lifecoach), Certified Personal Trainer, and holds Bachelor of Engineering and MBA degrees, from McGill University, in Montreal, Quebec.

A previous Vice President for a top tier company and perpetual health & fitness advocate, Gary has spent the better part of 20 years researching the latest food and fitness trends. When a close friend got diagnosed with cancer 6 years ago, Gary realized health & wellness was more than an interest, it was his passion. Upon being approached by his business partner Brian Coones, Gary decided to continue his life transformation, follow his passion, and dedicate all of his time to writing and developing Ikkuma. He now divides his time between writing, building Ikkuma Inc., coaching at Innate Wellness and consulting.

Dr. Angelina Riopel N.D.

Dr. Riopel – having previously studied at the Melbourne College of Natural Medicine (Melbourne, Australia) – is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Canada. Angelina co-founded the Innate Wellness Naturopathic Medical Centre, where she presently practices.

Angelina is incredibly passionate about her profession and its potential to improve people’s lives – naturally and holistically. Her philosophy, which is echoed in Ikkuma, is predicated on helping people better communicate with their body, such that they can do what’s necessary to achieve internal balance and optimal health.

“A great read!! Time well spent learning how to optimize your physical and mental health – a lifelong gift to yourself!!”

-Don Walker, CEO Magna International, 2014 Outstanding Canadian CEO