The Power Of Love


In modern times we equate power with stature. Money. Title. Accomplishments.

With the advent of social media, the ostensible benefits of the life that go with this power are hard to ignore. Beautiful trips. Nice cars. Opulent houses.

Don’t get me wrong; meeting your basic needs makes life much easier. But it’s been shown that once you do meet these needs and gain a little more freedom, happiness begins to drop off.

It has been proven time and time again that more ‘stuff’ won’t make you happier. So if you desire ‘more’ or strive for power, reflect on why. Do you envy the attention? The lavish lifestyle?

Richard Rohr provides some beautiful perspective, “It seems to me that the only people who can handle power well are those who don’t need it too much, those who can equally let go of it and share it… Only love can safely handle power.” – Richard Rohr

There was another quote in Reader’s Digest that went a little like this, “We aren’t who we think we are, we aren’t who you think we are, WE ARE WHO WE THINK YOU THINK WE ARE.”

We are so concerned with what others think of us that it influences our behavior. We either fuel this caricature for appearance sake, or compensate to change what others think of us. Either way, it’s a misalignment with who we are.

I believe the simple answer to all of the above is to BE WHO WE ARE. We are complicated and unique beings. We are a function of everything that has ever happened to us. The more we try to be something else or someone else, the more noise we will add to our lives. Noise weakens our energy.

So, instead of power, try choosing love. Make love the new currency of power. Give more love. Love who you are. Use love to drive your decisions.

When you lose the desire to impress and decide to live a life of service, you will notice how easy your life becomes. This doesn’t mean you don’t chase your dreams. It means quite the opposite. When you change the driver behind your actions, when you choose love over power, you will finally be able to chase YOUR dreams, not someone else’s. Now that’s powerful!

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